Tuesday, June 14, 2011

OK so I'm bored!!!  I have been laid up for last 2 weeks with a pulled muscle and a pinched nerve.  I have been given orders to stay of my feet as much as possible.  It's driving me crazy!!!  I have been able to do the laundry so....
I ran out of detergent again and decided to make some more.  this time I used "pink zote"  I do not like pink, but have heard that it is a very good laundry soap used in Mexico.   I shredded one bar, then added a couple cups each of baking soda, washing soda and borax.  This is the outcome.

Well, not quite so pink, but I hope it's impressive with the wash. I posted before about this, but I used a bar of "fels-naptha".  I personally liked it, but want to be able to compare it to.  Do you use homemade detergent?  What kind?

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank You Nancy

This is the book I won in a giveaway over at "The Rural Journal".  Thank you Nancy as this was all I had to do for the last several days as I have been laid up with leg injuries.  It was fa GREAT read and any adventurous young girl would live to spend time with it.