Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a vintage find

While cleaning out the bathroom cabinets I found my Grandma's curler bag.  I love this bag.  When I was in high school i had to roll her hair every Saturday.  Being the tomboy that I was, I hated it. We did have some good talktime, but at that time that wasn't important.  When she died, for some reason, I wanted this bag.  Thinking I would never use it i put it away for a long time. 
Twenty years later, here it is and it brings back such great memories of our Saturday afternoons together.  Since I've been interested in vintage styles, I decided to try my hand with these. 

The rolling part was easy thanks to Grandma and the practice I had so long ago.  Unfortunately, my long hair was not agreeable to the bristly curlers.  I had the dickens getting some of those things out.  At one point I thought I might need to go find the scissors.  Maybe I should have paid more attention and asked some questions on those moments with dear ole Granny.  Anyway, it was an interesting way to spend a rainy Saturday.