Saturday, February 23, 2013

I did it

I have been trying to get a Victory Roll for months.  This is the first time I even got close.  from the front it almost looks like PeeWee herman. lol  now if I caa only figure out how to keep it like this.  There are so many great blogs that gives tips for this kind of stuff.  I'm having fun blogging again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a vintage find

While cleaning out the bathroom cabinets I found my Grandma's curler bag.  I love this bag.  When I was in high school i had to roll her hair every Saturday.  Being the tomboy that I was, I hated it. We did have some good talktime, but at that time that wasn't important.  When she died, for some reason, I wanted this bag.  Thinking I would never use it i put it away for a long time. 
Twenty years later, here it is and it brings back such great memories of our Saturday afternoons together.  Since I've been interested in vintage styles, I decided to try my hand with these. 

The rolling part was easy thanks to Grandma and the practice I had so long ago.  Unfortunately, my long hair was not agreeable to the bristly curlers.  I had the dickens getting some of those things out.  At one point I thought I might need to go find the scissors.  Maybe I should have paid more attention and asked some questions on those moments with dear ole Granny.  Anyway, it was an interesting way to spend a rainy Saturday.