Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want some

I'm so cold.  But alas the weather is not looking like snow in our area.  This is a picture of the great snow we got last year.  The first in many years.  It was about 4 in. and my snow man was almost 3 ft. high.  What a blizzard we had. NOT.  Central Louisiana usually gets the rain, wind and cold temps, but that's it.  The wind chill here might get below 20.  So if you are where the blizzard is blowing and you're not loving it, think of me and know that you are dreading something someone else would love to have.

At least the chickens are still laying.  This picture was taken before we lit the heater.  Yes we really do use it.  My DH can make the best fires and I can only promise to leave them alone since I am the best fire extinguisher.