Saturday, February 5, 2011

Just ice

Since central Louisiana isn't accustomed to lots of ice and snow we were let out of school early Thursday to be off the roads in freezing temps.  WOOHOOO!!!!
Getting home early brought about lots of preperation time.  We had to bring those chicks back in the house.  Can't get a pic.  They're under a light and won't get aways from it.  We had to get a cow in the barn as she was ready to drop a calf any minute.  What timing!!
This was the scene of our back pasture Friday morning.  

Icicles hung from everything.  It was like a wannabe winter wonderland.  We thought it was pretty.  I wouldn't want to deal with it on a regular basis like some, tho'.   If you are dealing with that blizzard I feel for you.

the power went out Friday morning so I couldn't use the stove.  This is my attempt at breakfast.  I couldn't get the fire hot enough to fry the eggs so I compromised.  I think it's called an egg in the nest.  

this is the GRAND FINALE!!  We got the cow in the barn and later Thursday night she had this adorable little calf.  mother and baby are doing fine.
Let me know what you did during this "blizzard of '11"