Friday, May 31, 2013

getting organized again

I start every school year off with good intentions to stay organized "this year".  But alas, I always fail.  I spend my summer cleaning, throwing away, donating, and whatever else it takes to get it all together.  One of my tricks that actually has helped is turning all my hangers backwards.  As I use a garment I hang the hanger back correctly.  By the next summer I know which clothes I used or didn't.  Sometimes it's hard getting rid of an old favorite, but it does help.  Unfortunately, sometimes as this time approaches I will wear something just to say I can keep This year I had several tops to eliminate, but now I feel much better.  If it only worked on shoes.

1 comment:

  1. I just saw your comment on yellowed under arms. If the dress is white, I would go with the Oxi, if its a different color, I would go with the biz. I also know that many people use dishwasher soap diluted in warm water. Hope this helps!