Friday, March 1, 2013

vintage teacher resource

I have had these GREAT teacher tesource magazines for almost 25 years.  They came from the old high school where I graduated, in the old Home Ec. department.  I love cuddling up with them on a cold winters evening and perusing all the vintage hair, clothes, recipes  and just neat stuff.  I always find something I hadn't noticed before.  They are bound editions of "What's Up i Home Economics?"  I have copies from 1942-1945.  I've learned alot about how our country dealt with the times, you know victory Gardens and stuff like that.  They constantly remind the teachers to be encouraging and keep everyone in a positive frame of mind.  So much of what we need now.

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  1. Dipping into the past like this is such a fun past time. I think it is great learning what our past has to offer. I love the forties look, too! pretty!!