Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Please take care of your HEART

As I look out at the equipment and think about the upcoming hay and garden season, I am thankful.  My DH and I just returned from a nice long stay at the hospital.  He had suffered and mild heart attack several weeks ago and we ended up at the local band-aid station. ( that's all our hospital is good for)
Things began to snowball from there and he was sent to a larger, better equipped hospital to undergo a Heart Cath., which turned up extreme blockage.  This lead to a quadruple bypass.  We had an extended stay since his blood pressure was low and didn't seem to want to go up.  After much observation they finally decided it was his norm and we have finally returned to our little farm.  
All this to say " don't take your heart for granted you only have one, so take care of it"

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