Sunday, October 24, 2010

I think I got it

I got my first follower and tried to enter some giveaways.  There is so much vintage out there, I feel inadequate.  If you are reading this and see where I could do things better or different let me know.  I'm still trying to master the picture thing and don't have a clue about the" button thing" I keep seeing.  

1 comment:

  1. Hi there. You are off and running. I got your comment on my blog and your follow. I started about a month ago. I did enlist the service of a blog designer so don't think I did all that design work on my blog :). I had professional help. The key to great posts is pictures! When you post there is a an insert picture button. Put the picture first and then comment. It really draws in the readers. Once you get a few good posts going, consider joining a blog party. This is how you add followers and let people know you are here. There are plenty each day of the week. That just means you cut and past one of your post links and pictures to a party post that is hosted on someone else's blog. There is plenty of instructional material about blogger out there. Google away. Karen Valentine has a great website with hints on blogging. She is writing an ebook too. Good luck! I"ll check back in soon!