Saturday, October 2, 2010

hello out there

Am I the only woman around who lives in a mobile home, but longs for an old fashioned house with a picket fence?  Surely there is someone else who loves the country life, but has to go to work all day and leave it all behind.


  1. Welcome my New Friend!!!!
    I'm SO happy you found led me back here and I'm so happy to meet you!
    Just reading your posts...I love you already :)

    I LOVE LucyAna...she's precious!!! Such a cute name for your little camper. You have to tell us the story about her. You have such a good hubs for finding her. I'm sure you'll be driving her around like Miss Daisy in no time :)

    By the way...there is no right or wrong way to start a blog. This is YOUR place so you YOU make the rules...don't ever forget that!!! :)
    Blog and they will come.
    Mingle and leave comments and they will come.
    Most of all, have FUN and they will come!
    Thank you for the sweet comment and you put joy in my heart knowing that I've encouraged you in some way.
    If you need anything, just give me holler.

    ps...a tip for mingling would be to jump over to Karen of Some Days are Diamonds and meet her. She's awesome (& she's a dear friend) and she's the "Mother" of the Sorority Sisterhood of Blogging!
    You are going to meet some great people out here...welcome aboard girl!!!!!!

  2. Well good morning! I laughed at your comment! I'm so happy to meet you and looking at your sidebar . . . LOVIN' your new best friend. My friend Joy swears that when we retire, we'll keep the big motorhomes for the men, but her and I are each going to have our own little vintage trailer and pull them behind our own vintage trucks and go "junkin" across America. I dunno about the vintage truck thing, I like A/C, but we'll see.
    Jodie is so sweet to send you my way. She is right, just start mingling, leave comments and pretty soon you'll have followers.
    But people LOVE pictures, so you need to figure that one out. it's so easy on my iMac, if you are on a PC, just ask Jodie and she'll guide you through it.
    Well, welcome to the Sorority - I will add your name to the list, and i hope you figure out the button on your sidebar. You don't necessarily have to attach a link to it if that is too hard. Just post it like a picture on your sidebar. Just like you did your trailer. :)

    Welcome to Blogland! You're soon going to wonder what on earth you did without all of it!!!
    :) Karen ~ Some days are diamonds

  3. Thanks for join my community at Blogfrog.